Website support

We support and develop
customers’ websites, taking care
of them as of our own


To provide comprehensive support to the customers’ websites


  • A dedicated manager at the support department
  • A phone number for emergencies
  • An easy assignment management system
  • An easy system of reporting and billing
  • Electronic document management

Support Department services

  • Routine
    • Dedicated managers and professionals
    • Updating the news
    • Moderation
    • Posting photo and video materials, job offers
    • Updating catalogs of the goods
  • Backup system

    Regular backups of your site will allow to restore the resource at any time under any circumstances.

  • SMS Monitoring

    SMS monitoring module connected to your site will inform you about any malfunctions and allow us to deal with any technical problems promptly.

  • Domains and hosting

    Website hosting, domain registration and renewal, setting up corporate mailboxes.

  • Prices

    One-time jobs — RUB2000/hour

    Subscription service — RUB1500/hour

    Subscription service includes:

    • website backup
    • daily monitoring of the health and performance
    • identification and elimination of errors in logs
    • solution of routine tasks within the agreed scope
  • Team
    Department head:
    Sergey Smirnov
    Yulia Miroshnichenko, Xenia Skopintseva
    Igor Grigoriev, Alexei Kuznetsov, Alex Lazebnik
    Elena Mostovaya, Dmitry Teslitsky, Nikolay Rudenko