• To make a file sharing service,
    where finally there will be no advertising banners,
    severe restrictions and boredom
  • To make it easy to work with!
  • Racing! What can show the
    download rate better?
  • You can drag and drop files,
    and can add them via "browse"
  • Authorization via SMS
    deals with all security issues
  • Files are stored for six months
  • The limit for one file is

    Is there anything better?
  • Zend Framework
  • Сервер – Intel Xeon 3.3 GHz x 8, 16 GB RAM
  • SMS partner – SMS Diskont company SMS Diskont company
  • Project manager:Maria Mota
  • Art director:Yaroslav Dokuchaev
  • UX design:Vladislav Kishikov
  • Illustrator:Victoria Kovalenko
  • Front-end:Igor Grigoriev
  • Developer:Sergey Smirnov