A specialized
portal – tenderit.ru

To develop a tool for advertisers,
allowing to collect in one place
the information on the tenders
in the advertising market


Advertising agencies, design studios, publishing houses, advertising industries and all companies working in the advertising business. It hosts tenders, publishes announcements of orders and barter, provides information on public procurement and tenders.

Advertising managers and business owners. On the site you can quickly find the most suitable professionals to solve any problems in the advertising industry.

NetCat, «Extra» edition

Server –
Intel Xeon 3.3 GHz x 8, 16 GB RAM
channel – 100 mbit/sec.

  • Stanislav Zhuravlev
  • Alexey Subbotin
  • Alexei Kuznetsov
  • Edward Zvarych
  • Vladlen Osmakov
  • Dmitry Donkovtsev
  • Dmitry Teslitsky
  • Eugene Mozhenkov
  • Vasily Shishkin
  • Sofiya Smirnova
  • Sergei Batalov
  • Lada Butenko
  • Olga Nesterova
  • Anastasia Churakova
  • Olga Ivanova
  • Sergey Petrov