Office super-quest game «Kill routine»


To develop an advertising campaign for the entry of «Zhivoi Ofis» company in the Moscow market and aimed at increasing sales


Creating an interactive platform that will attract and retain the representatives of the target audience, the office workers in Russia, and will establish individual contact with the audience



«Zhivoi Ofis»,
online stationery store

Project description:

For 5 months of the project, the participants were playing an online funny game with creative tasks on the website УбейРутину.рф, posting the results in video, photo and text formats, thereby killing Routine.

The quest helped not only to relax but also to start working with a double drive, using creative approach to most monotonous cases. Without Routine!

Grand prize

20 trips to the town of Rutino, italy, where the final game took place

Incentive prizes

Shopping certificates
for the online store ЖивойОфис.рф

Promo site УбейРутину.рф


  • NetCat «E-commerce» edition
  • Youtube platform to accommodate all video materials

High load on the website
during the campaign
up to 15 requests per second.

The site was running on a dedicated
server — Intel Xeon 3.3 GHz x 8, 16 GB
RAM, channel – 1 Gbit/sec.


Office Routine — a fictitious character, personifying the routine of office life. The character was shown at different stages of life - Routine in its prime, Routine sick, Routine being electrocuted.

Advertising campaign

Offline (Moscow and St. Petersburg)

  • Flash mobs in the subway and on the streets
  • Promotions on city streets
  • Promotional interviews
    with representatives of the target audience
  • Direct mail to offices




Project manager
Lada Butenko
Project manager
Maria Mota
Art director
Jaroslav Dokuchaev
Technical director
Vladlen Osmakov
Elena Borisova
Victoria Kovalenko
Dmitry Donkovtsev
Nikolay Rudenko
Dmitry Teslitsky
Igor Grigoriev
Anastasia Churakova
Advertising campaign:
Lada Butenko
Olga Mironova
Natalia Polyakova